International Students

International Students

International students enter Charles University, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, for various study purposes, which determines their student status.

1. SELF-FINANCING STUDENTS are fully-funded students who study in English and usually intend to complete the whole degree (BSc/MSc/PhD)
programme, where tuition fees are required. However, some students may also intend to study selected courses (they pay partial tuition), which can be
recognized by their home universities, where they are currently registered as full-time students.


3. EXCHANGE STUDENTS are students who come pursuant to government, university, faculty and next cooperation agreements, and students who
are awarded a scholarship by the relevant ministry or another establishment. application

According to the registration type, length of study, financial and study guarantors, our international students are divided into the above 3 groups. Decide o­n the type and form of your study and click o­n o­ne of the three options o­n the left-hand pannel to obtain detailed information.

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